Family Read Aloud Time: First Farm in the Valley – Anna’s Story

FirstFarmInTheValley We came across this series years ago when I read Bethlehem’s monthly journal In Review, the issue Ribbons to Romance from the summer of 1995. In this issue I discovered an author profile of Anne Pellowski, immediately I had to read this master storytellers real life “Little House on the Prairie” story. It is the tale of a large Catholic Polish family told through the eyes of one of the younger daughters in the family. Pure delight, filled with endearing characters (who behave they way our children do even in this modern age) and the comfort and joy they receive from each other always centered on their faith! Now Bethlehem has brought the first book in the series back in print with the remaining four to follow! We are reading it aloud to everyone’s enjoyment! (Late 1800’s)

click the link for the instant download : First Farm in the Valley

(Ages 8-12, 194 pages, PB/.epub )