Our Life in the Church (Faith & Life Series: Gr. 8)

FLCS Gr8 pairEach Faith and Life text is written by a different author and we especially love this grade. We set aside one day a week to discuss the chapter together after our child has read the chapter themselves. We have used the text to make mini-books or short essays on the main points of each chapter. We then pick a chapter about once a month in which we write a longer essay, often expanding on the little books we have already made. Using it for our 8th grade religion curriculum, we have found it absolutely the best preparation for our children’s Sacrament of Confirmation. During the course of the school year your student will hear the call to holiness. There are 26 chapters that are rich in Catholic teachings, presented in four sections: The Church, The Christian in the World, The Means to Fulfill Our Call to Holiness, The End of Christian Life. The book begins with Christ’s abiding presence, the Birth of the Church, Mary and the communion of Saints, then moves to our life in virtue, works of mercy, vocations, law and conscience, and the Church’s role in society. Then they study prayer and the sacramental life and finally our death and judgment and the end of all time. Each chapter engages the reader and provides questions and answers with references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The activity book contains four different activities per lesson, some more helpful than others, many with questions that could be used for your weekly oral discussions. A great teaching tool would be to ask your child to prepare for discussions by jotting down the pages and text references supporting their answers to the questions on the activity books you want to cover.

Grade 8, 158 pages, PB, $$