A Treasure Chest of Traditions

treasure chest of traditions coverA Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families is a 304 page book by Monica McConkey offering ideas for activities, crafts and recipes to help families celebrate the various Seasons and Feast Days of the year. With fun-filled activities, we can build our own family traditions while passing on the richness of our Catholic Faith.

Guided by the Liturgical Calendar, the book journeys through the Seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and the 2 spans of Ordinary Time. The months of the secular calendar are woven in, providing the context for Feasts and monthly Devotions. Saints are introduced as their Feast Days occur, offering details and legends about their lives and providing suggestions for family activities surrounding them.

Various sections within Ordinary Time suggest that this time can be anything but ordinary!

“Extraordinary Events in Ordinary Time” and “Everyday in Ordinary Time” address both special events and everyday family rituals to bring the family together and integrate the Catholic Faith into daily living.

Treasure-Chest-Advent-activ“Cathletics” offers activities to pass on basic catechism, while another section introduces simple prayers for children.

Suggested activities are intended to prompt families to actively practice their Faith, delving into Church celebrations and allowing these festivities to spill back into home life.

Discover Crochet Kit

CK-001This terrrific kit comes to us from the mill that spins the wonderful 100% Pure Wool yarns since 1790 right here in the USA. The illustrated instructions are clear and guide you through basic stitches to create a variety of projects, you get to decide to make one large project or several smaller projects. The kit comes with 4 balls (6 oz. total) of 100% Pure Wool yarn spun in vibrant colors of peacock, violet, magenta and green. Includes a plastic crochet hook, and lovely glass beads with large holes to use as decoration or buttons. It won’t take long for your children to realize crocheting is a simple yet rewarding skill!

Sew What! Bags: 18 Pattern-Free Projects You Can Customize to Fit Your Needs

Sew What! BagsThe minute, yes the absolute first minute, this review copy showed up our daughters began planning out which bags they would make. In just one short month they have made handbags, totebags, backpacks, laptop bags, and more. Using leftover scraps from our material pile they have made bags they use every day and a bunch for their friends too! The adult crowd was instantly impressed with the results. Whether you find yourself toting groceries, books, baby supplies, gardening tools, or a wallet and some electronic gadgets, you and your kids will find a bag design to fit you need. The focus is on simple, pattern-free sewing that requires no previous experience — just an inventive spirit, some fun fabric, and a basic sewing machine. Jumpstart your creativity with “warm-up projects” that will carry just a single object, from a pair of eyeglasses to a pack of tissues. The 18 core projects show how to usea variety of fabrics to make totes, drawstring sacks, messenger bags, organizers, satchels, and purses in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Every project is shown in a full-color photo accompanied by step-by-step, illustrated instructions. Many more variations in size, fabric combinations, and styling features are also pictured to show just a few of the dozens of possibilities for customizing each project. (HC, 151 pages, beginner level sewing skill)

Mondays with Mary: A Celebration of Marian Feasts Throughout the Year

mondays_cover_highrezLooking for a way to increase devotion to Mary in the lives of her family, author Meredith Henning developed a sound and effective method for spending time with and “reflecting on the life and the heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Marian devotions for throughout the year. You’ll find activities, tea time recipes, prayers, and suggestions for further reading. Encourage a devotion to Our Lady by setting aside a little time each week to get to know her through her Litany. (Coil bound, 204 pages, 8½ ” x 11″)

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Little Flowers Girls Club

Little Flowers Wreath 1 Leaders GuideThe Little Flowers is a group whose goal is to provide young Catholic girls, from age 5 and up, the opportunity to gather and learn about their Catholic heritage, faith, and traditions as well as other “womanly” traditions that may have faded from view.  Through the meetings the girls will hear, read, share, and learn about their role model – the Blessed Virgin Mary, their patroness – St. Therese of Lisieux, saints of the church, women in religious life, and their own mothers.  This guide provides guidance to running your own group.  Includes the details for running a meeting with activity sheets that are focused on the virtues.  Each virtue has a flower, a color, a saint, and a memory verse from Scripture.  Four wreaths (years) are available!!! 

The Little Flowers Members Guide Books are about 33 pages each, and save you the time and trouble of copying bios on saints and activity worksheets for each meeting.

Fully embroidered patches (or badges, if you prefer) to augment your Little Flowers Girls Club sashes are available for all 4 wreaths of the program. Each 9 patch set includes the virtue, color and flower for the virtues. The badges create a 4 ½ inch diameter flower shape when finished except for Wreath 4, which makes a crown.




Haystack Full of Needles: A Catholic Home Educator’s Guide to Socialization

Haystack+full+of+needles+coverMost of us at one time or another have had to wrestle with the issue of socialization, either when dealing with friends and family members who question our decision to home educate, or when in our own hearts we worry about our children’s hopes for friendship. In this book Alice shows that “Socialization is not the weakness of home education—it is its strength and joy.” Alice chronicles her own path from skepticism about home educating’s ability to provide sufficient social experiences for her children, to the flowering of a local home school group that provides its members with meaningful social experiences within the context of home educating. Full of examples and practical suggestions, this will be an extremely uplifting addition to your cache of home education resources. (PB, 156pp.)

Little Women Hospitality Program

Little-Women-Logo-_framedOn the title page of this book is the following verse, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” -Matthew 25:35. How uplifting to find a mom who has seen the need to teach the virtue and skills of true hospitality and put together a program that is well thought out and easy to use. But what is especially delightful to me is how she has also tied in stories from literature, the Bible, or a saint’s life that are tied to the particular skill. This program teaches 10 different aspects of hospitality which can be used during the school year from September to June, or as a follow-up to your Little Flowers group or just about anytime and in any order. Your girls will learn the proper way to clean a room, how to Bring Hospitality to Others, Table Manners and Conversation, Correspondence, Sewing and dressing Modestly, Cooking, How to set and clear a table, Preparing a room for a guest, how to plan a Mother and daughter tea and even a book club idea! The teacher’s manual lays out all the organizational ideas and prep needed for each hospitality taught,including Demonstration of the skill, practice of the skill, fun games, Take Home ideas and even field trip ideas. You will most likely want a student Companion book for each girl in the program. In it she will find all the take home ideas, recipes and field trip ideas too! (recommended for ages 10+)

Fun with the Orphans: Stories, Games, Crafts, and Recipes from Maria, Molly, Ming, and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Fun with the OrphansWritten and compiled by Joan Stromberg

Your favorite characters are back again! The author expands each character by backtracking their lives prior to their journey to America. We visit Mother Cabrini and Maria in Italy, Molly in County Roscommon, Ireland and Ming in her small Chinese village. You will learn how to make one of Mother’s favorite dishes and each girl shares crafts, games and foods from her homeland. You will have to be dragged out of the kitchen once you learn how to make raviolis, Cathedral Window Cookies and Italian Potato Pie from Maria, Dublin Coddle, Irish Stew and potatoes of course from Molly and Sweet & Sour Pork, Fried Rice and Chinese Chews from Ming! Your children will have hours of fun trying to make Chinese letters, play Fox and Rabbit or make Mosaic vases. This amazing book is chock full of history and heritage, you will enjoy every minute of it! (Ages 7-10 [with some adult supervision], 121 pages, PB, $)

Reclaim the Saints Series: St. Patrick Hands-on Learning

There is much written about this beloved saint and many saint anthologies contain a brief synopsis of his life. He is the patron saint of Ireland and is most notably responsible for its conversion to Christianity….making Ireland become the land of “Saints and Scholars.”

There are numerous legends surrounding his life but the best way to come to know the true saint is through his own writings and in particular his testimonial, “Confessio”. How marvelous and glorious it is to learn about this saint through his own words. In his “Confessio” we hear the voice of a truly humble servant of Christ. In addition your family will begin to understand about the beginnings of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, learn the chaplet prayer to St. Patrick, make cards to send to family and friends and so much more in this Hands-on Learning material.

Included in this kit:

  • Information on St. Patrick
  • How St. Patrick’s Day celebrations began
  • The meaning behind the symbols of St. Patrick’s Day
  • Directions and prayers for a St. Patrick chaplet
  • St. Patrick’s Confession (Autobiography) to have family print to read aloud together
  • 3 Coloring pages:  Saint Patrick, Page from Book of Kells, Celtic Cross
  • Mini book templates (2 different – three flap books horizontal and vertical)
  • Notebooking pages-2 versions with lovely images
  • Full-color Holy Cards with St. Patrick prayers
  • Holy Cards in outline versions to color in
  • St. Patrick’s Day cards to send (2 versions, with prayers and ones to practice handwriting)

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The Saint Nicholas Chocolate Coins Do-it-Yourself Kit

The St. Nicholas coins are back but in a BRAND NEW DIY kit to help your family celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas (December 6th), to give you “holy” treats for Stocking Stuffers on Christmas morning and to give you that special gift for friends, family and coworkers that keeps Christ in Christmas too!

St Nick DIY Kit spreadThe kit includes:

  • Licensed beautiful, classical Holy Family images that you just can’t copy from the internet
  • Includes instructions to make three different size kits EASILY and Cheaply*
  • A brief history of St. Nicholas and the tradition
  • An original coloring page
  • St. Nicholas Holy Cards
  • Memory game

These timely treats you make and give are a  fun  and practical way to reclaim our saints and holy-days! We hear that lots of kids like to peel off the stickers and decorate their books and personal belongings with them. In fact, our four year old daughter is in love with what she affectionately calls her “Mary” stickers. We think this is a great way for all of our little “evangelists” to spread the Good News this Christmas! Celebrate with your family the Feast of St. Nicholas with this Do It Yourself Kit. Share the beauty of our Church with those you love easily and economically!!

Buy it NOW and DOWNLOAD  it immediately…NO SHIPPING!!

*you provide the chocolate coins and bag!

(Email us for group use)