Cor Unum! One Heart & The Sacred Heart

The von Trapp family, of the Sound of Music fame, called their home in Vermont “Cor Unum” – Latin for: One Heart. They dedicated it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in so doing, called their family to be of one heart for our Lord.
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Theirs was a touching and beautiful gesture that we repeated when we purchased our building to run our family business Emmanuel Books in 2001.  We dedicated the building and had it blessed on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and even made a heart shaped cake to celebrate.
We continue to consecrate our works to the Sacred Heart.  It is with much gratitude and love that we offer to you our latest in the “Reclaim the Saints” series for Living the Liturgical Year, Sacred Heart of Jesus! In it you will make your very own Sacred Heart Shrines, Holy Cards, a 10-page Prayer book, learn the history of this devotion and so much more!
Join us for the month of June and the devotion to the Sacred Heart!

Our Holy Father, the Pope

Our Holy Father, the Pope:The Papacy from Saint Peter to the Present

by Don R. Caffery Illustrated by Emmanuel Beaudesson

After the historic visit of Pope Francis to America, it is fitting and fun to read together from this beautifully and richly, illustrated, hardcover book about the papacy.  The book takes the reader through the inception of the first pope, beginning at the Sea of Gallilee with Peter and Jesus as Jesus first calls Peter to be a “a fisher of men”,  to his giving Peter the “keys of the Kingdom.”

The language of the narrative is appropriate for even your young ones to listen along and engaging enough to keep everyone still while being inspirational and rich in the depth our our beliefs.   As we are lead to Peter’s life as the first pope we see the the connection today to our pope as well as the election of a pope.

The book journeys towards several notable popes to our present day Pope Francis.  It is complemented with a lovely prayer for the pope, as well as the official listing of all 266 popes throughout the history of the papacy. You can even extend the lessons taught in this inspiring book with the suggested Scripture readings listed in the back of the book. 48 pp. Hardcover. All ages.

Copies may be obtained here:

Ignatius Press - Catholic Books

Real Woman, Real Saints

9780867168587_p0_v1_s192x300By Gina Loehr 

“Heaven’s doors are wide open and God is doing everything he can to make us all into saints.” —from Chapter Eight.  We know a great book when our children show us one! Full of famous and not so famous woman saints, from every station of life, each with their own remarkable story. Sanctity will never fit into a formula, but the women in Real Women, Real Saints have one thing in common: their deep love for God and the determination to live life in harmony with his will. The brief biographies in this book will help you learn to abandon yourself to God, as these women did, and live a rich, full life in return. Chapters are divided by each of the virtues, faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance with fourteen examples of women saints who exemplify these virtues. Listed with each saint are their feast day, patronage and time period in which they lived.

Bible in Felt Sets

Publisher: Little Folk Visuals

A family priest once told us that using Bible felt is the best way to teach your children Scripture and Bible stories, hands down!!!

When you read your child’s favorite and most beloved Bible Stories have them play with the felt Bible figures and backgrounds so they can act out the scenes. We would also ask our children to “retell” the story using the set figures and background to Dad when he came home from work after dinner-time. Having a tangible way to talk through these important stories makes it concrete and lasting for your child!  These are the stories we want to impress in our children’s hearts and minds! We have had our own original sets now for over 20 years—ready to hand onto grandchildren. We recommend the following two sets from Little Folks visuals:

Bible Favorites Soft Storybook Kit
A hands-on book tells your favorite Bible stories, especially having the children use it for re-tellings.   Moveable figures allow the child to participate—Jonah slips into the mouth of the big fish, and the animal pairs load onto the deck of Noah’s Ark. Pieces are stored in pocket on each facing page. This set tells seven stories and includes a printed booklet and 39 pieces that you cut out.(Ages 2-8)


Bible Heroes Soft Storybook Kit
The Bible is full of stories of courage and faith. This hands-on book features the heroes and heroines as described in the Old Testament. See Jacob’s Ladder; find Baby Moses in the bulrushes;watch the Red Sea part; face the giant with David; enter the Lion’s Den with Daniel; learn about King Solomon and the two Mothers, the Tower of Babel and more. This great set tells nine stories in a seven page felt book, and includes peek-in windows, a printed booklet and 33 pieces (you cutout). Kids love them! (Ages 2-8)

Children’s Adoration Guidebook

2750By Linda Meyer

Whether you already take your children to Adoration or are considering this special devotion, the Children’s Adoration Guidebook, is a great resource for helping young children develop a prayerful focus during time spent with our Lord in Adoration. In this helpful guide you get nearly 100 pages of prayers and information.  A set of reproducible pages is included for those pages the child is encouraged to color or write on to help foster a love of meditation and quiet.  You can  print off additional copies of the reproducibles for additional siblings, therefore only one book is needed per family.   A lovely gift idea for children about to receive their first Holy Communion!

Click here for instant download: Children’s Adoration Guidebook

The Prove-it Series

1256By Amy Welborn 

Finally! Finally! Finally! These books are excellent, but also fun, funny, and simply marvelous! So many apologetics books are simply too dense for those of us who are not experts. This series defends basic truths in a way that everyone can understand. These books are full of charming cartoons and quips such as “An atheist is a man who believes himself an accident.” It also contains more serious arguments, such as Isaac Newton’s statement that, “the existence of a Being endowed with intelligence and wisdom is a necessary inference from a study of celestial mechanics.” Each chapter dissects a separate argument against the Faith. Now teenagers and others can defend themselves with confidence – and a little humor, too!

In The Footsteps of the Saints Series

1911By Brother Ernest, C.S.C. 

We have been looking for a long time for suitable reading material for children who are ready for their very first chapter book.  Here are the perfect books.  These wonderful Catholic readers originally published in the 1940’s through the 1960’s by Dujarie Press are now thankfully being republished by a Catholic family business!  They are easy to read and are just the right size (6”x 8”) to hold and finish with a real sense of accomplishment.  Brother Ernest, who ran the press and wrote a majority of the stories, is a natural story teller and each story is appropriately addressed for these new readers to encourage and inspire them through these lives of “real” heroes.  Our “little guys” picked them up right away and read them with interest and took them to Adoration to help them meditate on these holy men and women.

Miniature Stories of the Saints

1970By Fr. Daniel Lord

This is our absolute favorite collection of saint stories for retelling at the Kindergarten to second grade level. All seven  of our children have chosen most of the stories told in these sweet little books for their own personal saint books.  I read them the story aloud and then they retell it to me as I copy down their retelling.  Then I make a copy of their retelling in a blank book and they draw their own illustration of the saint as inspired by the lovely drawing portrayed in these books.  The lives of the Saints are written in an easily understood and entertaining story form. Each story is one page in length and includes a full color illustration on the facing page. The stories are so simply written and colorfully illustrated that they are bound to make a lasting impression upon a child as their introduction to the Saints of the Church.

Young People’s Book of Saints

4623By Hugh Ross Williamson 

We use this book for our 5th to 8th graders especially for their Saint oral presentations. The details of these sixty three Saints of the Western Church from the 1st to the 20th Century are perfect food for thought and inspire discussion at this age level, with each story being several pages in length. Included in this anthology are such famous saints as Francis of Assisi, Dominic, Joan of Arc, Ignatius of Loyola, Teresa of Avila and also lesser known ones, such as Raymond Lull and Hugh of Lincoln. These beautifully written stories are presented chronologically.

Click here for an instant download: Young People’s Book of Saints

Book of Heroes


By Amy Welborn

What a breath of fresh air to read a book written for children about real HEROES.  Amy Welborn has an incredible gift of relating deep truths to children in an easy to understand manner.  Her description of “What a hero is” alone is worth getting this treasure of a book. By using the spiritual and moral virtues as a guide towards introducing REAL Heroes (Saints and Blesseds) she incorporates opportunities for the child to really think about their own relationship with God. Meet well known, lesser known, modern, and ancient saints in stories that describe the saints lives and how they loved God above all, how God was the center of their lives and in ways that our children can find true heroes to imitate!!! This is a real find and one you will go to over and over again. Great to read aloud.