Choosing Beauty: A 30-Day Spiritual Makeover for Women

6555864By Gina Loehr

Gina Loehr does it again, I really enjoyed her insight into the lives of women saints in her book Real Women, Real Saints and learned much from their virtues….now Gina takes us on a real and practical retreat towards inner beauty…the kind that reflects the joy of our Faith. Mascara will help and eyeliner too, but the surest way to a beautiful you doesn’t require hours at the cosmetics counter. The best beauty routine starts within. Choosing Beauty guides you through a day-by-day inner makeover that will give you a glow that can only come through a life infused with the virtues. Learn how to step away from gossip, grow in courage, practice mercy and enter more fully into the qualities that will allow your inner light to shine. A great addition to Choosing Beauty is the inclusion of lively reflections on the virtues presented and questions for discussion. This is a good book to share with your teenage daughters, too!


Handbook of Prayers: Student Edition

HOP-Student-EditionEdited by James Socias

We have been searching for several years for a complete and handy prayer book for our older children. This book fit the bill, the wonderful devotional material contained in this brand new, pocket sized, student version of the well known Handbook of Prayers from the Midwest Theological Forum is perfect for your college or High school student. This book contains prayers and devotions on “How to be a Better Catholic”, including our call to holiness, a spiritual game plan, the Cardinal Virtues, the Capital Sins and opposed virtues; basic prayers including a Prayer Before the Day’s Work, a Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Brief Examination at Night; prayers to Prepare for Mass, and Prayers after Mass such as a Litany of Humility; Eucharistic Adoration prayers, such as Guides for Good Confessions; and devotions to the Blessed Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ , the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother and so much more. It is an amazing bargain too at only $5….

Surprised by Truth

Surprised_by_TruthBy Patrick Madrid

“When I received this book as a gift from my husband, little did I know that soon we would both be fighting to read it! It is absolutely a hopeful, inspiring collection of 11 conversion stories. You will be touched, moved and motivated to evangelize, while furthering your own knowledge of our glorious faith. Has many scripture references, and can be used by homeschoolers for the study of apologetics. Simply amazing!”        – Paola Ciskanik

The Prove-it Series

1256By Amy Welborn 

Finally! Finally! Finally! These books are excellent, but also fun, funny, and simply marvelous! So many apologetics books are simply too dense for those of us who are not experts. This series defends basic truths in a way that everyone can understand. These books are full of charming cartoons and quips such as “An atheist is a man who believes himself an accident.” It also contains more serious arguments, such as Isaac Newton’s statement that, “the existence of a Being endowed with intelligence and wisdom is a necessary inference from a study of celestial mechanics.” Each chapter dissects a separate argument against the Faith. Now teenagers and others can defend themselves with confidence – and a little humor, too!

Crime and Punishment – A Review

Dostoyevsky for blog_smThis book is one of the most brilliant novels ever written, a true literary masterpiece. It is the story of a young Russian student, Raskolnikov, who commits a murder in order to prove his greatness to himself. However, after committing the crime, Raskolnikov is alternately overcome with arrogance and haunted with deep regret. This gripping narrative accurately portrays the destructive nature of sin, and the false philosophies and false loves that can lead us far away from God. Dostoevsky spins a tale of redemption, true love and the miracle of God’s grace. These themes continue to ring out their truth throughout the ages.