Seven Lies About Catholic History

9630480by Diane Moczar

The author takes a close look at seven lies perpetuated by the culture and academia about the Catholic Church. She does not sugar coat any of the situations or deny corruption in the Church when it did, unfortunately, occur. In every age, but especially in our modern day, historians and political powers have distorted the facts about her past to make the Church, and the civilization it fostered, seem corrupt, backward, or simply evil. You will read about how the Inquisition was not a bloodthirsty but a merciful and necessary institution. Galileo’s trial : why moderns invented a myth around it to make science appear incompatible with the Catholic faith (it’s not), The Reformation: why the 16th-century Church was not totally corrupt (as even some Catholics wrongly believe), and more. Here you will find the lessons that every Catholic needs in order to defend and explain, not just apologize for the Church’s rich and complex history. This would be especially great for students preparing to enter a secular college.

Real Woman, Real Saints

9780867168587_p0_v1_s192x300By Gina Loehr 

“Heaven’s doors are wide open and God is doing everything he can to make us all into saints.” —from Chapter Eight.  We know a great book when our children show us one! Full of famous and not so famous woman saints, from every station of life, each with their own remarkable story. Sanctity will never fit into a formula, but the women in Real Women, Real Saints have one thing in common: their deep love for God and the determination to live life in harmony with his will. The brief biographies in this book will help you learn to abandon yourself to God, as these women did, and live a rich, full life in return. Chapters are divided by each of the virtues, faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance with fourteen examples of women saints who exemplify these virtues. Listed with each saint are their feast day, patronage and time period in which they lived.

Fathers’ Manual

2626-2A. Francis Coomes, S.J.

The natural companion book to the Mother’s Manual.   It begins with prayers for the needs of fatherhood and the married life, including a prayer for help to be a good father, prayers for faith, for fatherly guidance and many more.  The next section includes prayers for special needs and occasions such as for generosity, for the grace to give a good Christian example, the Litany of Saint Joseph.  There are also prayers for various organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, then comes the section on counsels and helps for husbands and fathers. Meditations on the experience of fatherhood and being a good husband. Prayers for strength of will and compassion, and reflections on the joys of being a father.

Surprised by Truth

Surprised_by_TruthBy Patrick Madrid

“When I received this book as a gift from my husband, little did I know that soon we would both be fighting to read it! It is absolutely a hopeful, inspiring collection of 11 conversion stories. You will be touched, moved and motivated to evangelize, while furthering your own knowledge of our glorious faith. Has many scripture references, and can be used by homeschoolers for the study of apologetics. Simply amazing!”        – Paola Ciskanik

Creator and Creation

3212_Ceartor and Creation

By Mary Daly

What a great text and tool for your high schooler’s earth science curriculum!!  Instead of debating several difficult issues that are sometimes over our heads, the author presents the facts and then applies them to resolve the debate over such things as creation, evolution, Galileo, and Darwin.  The fascinating facts are clearly explained, such as glacial melting or potassium/argon dating.  This has a great balance for students who love science (they will use this as a springboard to further study- it has an awesome bibliography!) or for those who dread science (she pulls out scientific stories –not just facts- from so many diverse areas and weaves them into an interesting, epic of Creation).  What do you say to your creationist friends?  What do you think when they insist that you join them in defending the Bible by defending its first chapter as a science text? What do you say to your scientific friends? Is belief in God reasonable?  Is belief in Genesis reasonable?  Creator and Creation is a “science apologetics book”.  It addresses the creationist cosmology from a unified doctrinal, scriptural, scientific, and philosophical perspective. Designed to invite Catholics to be the good scientists that they have been throughout history, with no fear for the honest conclusions of secular science.

Creator and Creation has received a Nihil Obstat from the Diocesan Censor of the Sioux Falls Diocese of South Dakota.