Real Woman, Real Saints

9780867168587_p0_v1_s192x300By Gina Loehr 

“Heaven’s doors are wide open and God is doing everything he can to make us all into saints.” —from Chapter Eight.  We know a great book when our children show us one! Full of famous and not so famous woman saints, from every station of life, each with their own remarkable story. Sanctity will never fit into a formula, but the women in Real Women, Real Saints have one thing in common: their deep love for God and the determination to live life in harmony with his will. The brief biographies in this book will help you learn to abandon yourself to God, as these women did, and live a rich, full life in return. Chapters are divided by each of the virtues, faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance with fourteen examples of women saints who exemplify these virtues. Listed with each saint are their feast day, patronage and time period in which they lived.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Jane Austen is arguably the finest female novelist who ever lived and Pride and Prejudice is arguably the finest, and is certainly the most popular, of her novels.  A classic of world literature, its profound Christian morality is all too often missed or willfully overlooked by today’s (post)modern critics.  Yet Austen saw the follies and foibles of human nature, and the frictions and fidelities of family life, with an incisive eye that penetrates to the very heart of the human condition. This edition of Austen’s masterpiece includes an introduction by Professor Christopher Blum and several insightful critical essays by leading Austen scholars.


Choosing Beauty: A 30-Day Spiritual Makeover for Women

6555864By Gina Loehr

Gina Loehr does it again, I really enjoyed her insight into the lives of women saints in her book Real Women, Real Saints and learned much from their virtues….now Gina takes us on a real and practical retreat towards inner beauty…the kind that reflects the joy of our Faith. Mascara will help and eyeliner too, but the surest way to a beautiful you doesn’t require hours at the cosmetics counter. The best beauty routine starts within. Choosing Beauty guides you through a day-by-day inner makeover that will give you a glow that can only come through a life infused with the virtues. Learn how to step away from gossip, grow in courage, practice mercy and enter more fully into the qualities that will allow your inner light to shine. A great addition to Choosing Beauty is the inclusion of lively reflections on the virtues presented and questions for discussion. This is a good book to share with your teenage daughters, too!


Fathers’ Manual

2626-2A. Francis Coomes, S.J.

The natural companion book to the Mother’s Manual.   It begins with prayers for the needs of fatherhood and the married life, including a prayer for help to be a good father, prayers for faith, for fatherly guidance and many more.  The next section includes prayers for special needs and occasions such as for generosity, for the grace to give a good Christian example, the Litany of Saint Joseph.  There are also prayers for various organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, then comes the section on counsels and helps for husbands and fathers. Meditations on the experience of fatherhood and being a good husband. Prayers for strength of will and compassion, and reflections on the joys of being a father.

Handbook of Prayers: Student Edition

HOP-Student-EditionEdited by James Socias

We have been searching for several years for a complete and handy prayer book for our older children. This book fit the bill, the wonderful devotional material contained in this brand new, pocket sized, student version of the well known Handbook of Prayers from the Midwest Theological Forum is perfect for your college or High school student. This book contains prayers and devotions on “How to be a Better Catholic”, including our call to holiness, a spiritual game plan, the Cardinal Virtues, the Capital Sins and opposed virtues; basic prayers including a Prayer Before the Day’s Work, a Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Brief Examination at Night; prayers to Prepare for Mass, and Prayers after Mass such as a Litany of Humility; Eucharistic Adoration prayers, such as Guides for Good Confessions; and devotions to the Blessed Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ , the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother and so much more. It is an amazing bargain too at only $5….

Surprised by Truth

Surprised_by_TruthBy Patrick Madrid

“When I received this book as a gift from my husband, little did I know that soon we would both be fighting to read it! It is absolutely a hopeful, inspiring collection of 11 conversion stories. You will be touched, moved and motivated to evangelize, while furthering your own knowledge of our glorious faith. Has many scripture references, and can be used by homeschoolers for the study of apologetics. Simply amazing!”        – Paola Ciskanik

The Prove-it Series

1256By Amy Welborn 

Finally! Finally! Finally! These books are excellent, but also fun, funny, and simply marvelous! So many apologetics books are simply too dense for those of us who are not experts. This series defends basic truths in a way that everyone can understand. These books are full of charming cartoons and quips such as “An atheist is a man who believes himself an accident.” It also contains more serious arguments, such as Isaac Newton’s statement that, “the existence of a Being endowed with intelligence and wisdom is a necessary inference from a study of celestial mechanics.” Each chapter dissects a separate argument against the Faith. Now teenagers and others can defend themselves with confidence – and a little humor, too!

Miniature Stories of the Saints

1970By Fr. Daniel Lord

This is our absolute favorite collection of saint stories for retelling at the Kindergarten to second grade level. All seven  of our children have chosen most of the stories told in these sweet little books for their own personal saint books.  I read them the story aloud and then they retell it to me as I copy down their retelling.  Then I make a copy of their retelling in a blank book and they draw their own illustration of the saint as inspired by the lovely drawing portrayed in these books.  The lives of the Saints are written in an easily understood and entertaining story form. Each story is one page in length and includes a full color illustration on the facing page. The stories are so simply written and colorfully illustrated that they are bound to make a lasting impression upon a child as their introduction to the Saints of the Church.

Book of Heroes


By Amy Welborn

What a breath of fresh air to read a book written for children about real HEROES.  Amy Welborn has an incredible gift of relating deep truths to children in an easy to understand manner.  Her description of “What a hero is” alone is worth getting this treasure of a book. By using the spiritual and moral virtues as a guide towards introducing REAL Heroes (Saints and Blesseds) she incorporates opportunities for the child to really think about their own relationship with God. Meet well known, lesser known, modern, and ancient saints in stories that describe the saints lives and how they loved God above all, how God was the center of their lives and in ways that our children can find true heroes to imitate!!! This is a real find and one you will go to over and over again. Great to read aloud.


Red Falcons of Tremoine

1853_Red Falcons of Tremoine

by Hendry Peart 

Set in 12th century Medieval England, in the days of knights, Chivalry, Richard the Lionhearted, the Crusades, and treachery.  Told through the eyes of the orphan boy Leo, a seemingly nobody.  Entrusted and raised by the kindly Abbot who has protected the boy since he was a baby, Leo has learned the ways of life in a monastery. At fifteen he finally hears what he has been longing to know his whole life, his families lineage. Leo then finds himself dragged into his feuding families’ history played out with him at the center.  Leo must rise from a child  to manhood, and find a way to mend the wounds of his ancestors‘ past. 

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